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I am an endangered species

but I sing no victim's song

I am a woman I am an artist [daughter, wife, mother,
grandmother, niece, friend]

and I know where my voice belongs

~Dianne Reeves

L. Nef'fahtiti Partlow-Myrick
Curriculum Vitae & Artist Resume

It gives me great pleasure to weave words, images, graphic and design elements into all kinds of compositions, in different forms and genres for people to enjoy. What a privilege it is to serve humanity as a multidisciplinary artist, college instructor, Trail of Dreams spiritual activist, Conscious Life Design Systems co-founder, and leader for global sustainability. I have also worked across various industries in creative, contractual, and administrative capacities for government agencies, corporations, nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, and community programs. See the blue CV and artist resume links above for more details. 

All things magical and everything of the African American conjure / hoodoo / root medicine tradition fascinate me. I love researching and exploring themes of cultural identity, spirituality, multidimensional existence, family traditions, her/history, nature, and music. My influences include Joyce Scott, Ernest Kromah, William Rhodes, Lisa Fischer, Toni Morrison, Alice Walker, Michael Glaser, Lucille Clifton, Frida Kahlo, Kendra Kopelke, and Nick Bantock. However, my mother remains my greatest muse. 

My father--my favorite teacher of all--taught me to draw when I was around four years old, and I've been in love with pencils ever since. I also sculpt; paint with oils, acrylics, watercolors, inks; and keep journals in different sizes and forms, e.g., hardback, spiral, 3-ring, accordion. The earlier journals from 1989 -1996 are filled with handwritten text and a few sketches. The typical stuff. Since then, the journals have morphed into handmade literary-visual art books laced with whatever I can glue or tape to a page. These days I'm consumed with deconstructing journals in order to see what else they can be and what other forms they can take. How single pages compose a quilt. How a 8" x 12" collage becomes a 6" x 6" wall plaque or a centerpiece for a wooden wheel. Fun stuff.

In 2017 the Hamilton Arts Collective in Baltimore, MD, invited me to join their collective and show my work at the Hamilton Gallery each  month along with an amazing community of artists. And on and on it goes. What a life.

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