Arianne (Fiction Novel) – A runaway housewife held captive on a mysterious island by seven elderly women must  prove she’s trustworthy to gain her freedom.

Laundry Blues (Novella) – A recovering slob is determined to keep up with her laundry and household chores as her love life slips down the toilet.

16 Ways to Free a Haunted Room (Short Story) – A new homeowner learns the tragic story surrounding a room in her house and the grieving ghost that refuses to leave it.


Goddess of a Holier Strength – A prose poetry memoir of loosing both parents back-to-back and finding the strength to rise above near-fatal grief.

Conversations With My Shadows (How-to Manual) –
A humorous guide to understanding, healing, and learning to love the worst, most unlikable parts of our selves.

Love Poetry of the Enslavement Era (Essay) – A revealing study of forgotten love poems by African Americans in the 18th and 19th centuries offering a rare glimpse into enslavement era’s romantic culture.




The Conjure Woman Episode (2-Act Drama) – A troubled palm reader is forced by wily spirits to revisit past lives in order to learn her true purpose in this lifetime. Pre-order the playbook now. Official launch in September 2016

When Divas Laugh
"This mesmerizing collection of verse is as diverse and inspiring as the women who wrote these poems."

Featuring the poetry of Lenett Nef’fahtiti Myrick (formerly Allen), jaki-terry, Linda Joy Burke, and Chezia Thompson-Cager, editor. Inprint Editions. 2001. Order here.

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