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Flashback Highlight Events

This page highlights past events and featured stories about Partlow Art, the work of Mama Nef Partlow-Myrick, our principal second-generation artist,  and collaborating artists. 

ARThenticity Aug. 2023 E-Flier.jpg

ARThenticity: A Living Installation is an art installation with a performance component that brings teens, young adults and older adults, and elders together for open, honest, real conversations around issues that bond and separate us across generations. At its core, ARThenticity is a spirARTual intergenerational healing experience that bridges divides where they exist. Think of it as a town hall meeting held inside a multidisciplinary art exhibit facilitated by artists, a DJ, and the ancestors.


2023 Passager Winter Issue:
Ancestral Trauma, #74

“I see this issue as a mending, turning trauma and pain into art . . . It is the process of creating that heals us.”


Christine Lincoln, Guest Editor  

Tears of Radiant Light, Cover Art

Lenett Partlow-Myrick

Poetry, Fiction & Memoir | Theme: Ancestral Trauma
ver | 155 Pages | $15

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2023 Winter Issue Zoom Launch


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The Power of Everyday Artists and Makers of Things

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Podcast hosted by Pam Uzzell 

Artists and educators Lenett Partlow-Myrick and Jenny O'Grady discuss the medium of book art and the transformative workshops that they lead. Lenett describes book art as a way to reimagine the possibility of what books can be, how they’re created, and ways that we can interpret them. In their workshops, which they lovingly call “human bonding studios,” they lead groups of people through a journey of self-exploration and genuine connection.


Lenett and Jenny provide space, materials, and a thought-provoking question to get their students started. The focus isn’t on the end product, but rather being open to a different way of delving into deep conversations about one's intentions, limitations, and purpose. Lenett and Jenny believe that everyone is an artist and describe what they’ve witnessed when a group of adults take time to pause and get curious.


In our conversation, we also touch on Lenett and Jenny’s collaborative efforts outside of the workshops. They’ve recently wrapped up “Dos-A-Dos II,” a showcase of book art and poetry called at Howard Community College’s Richard B. Talkin Family Art Gallery. Listen in to learn more about Lenett and Jenny’s enriching perspective on how sculptural storytelling can impact individuals and communities on a foundational level.


Topics Covered in the Podcast: Jenny and Lenett’s introduction to book art / Questions that workshop participants explore / Ways to make art more accessible to people, especially those who don’t identify as artistic or creative /  The impact of quality, honest communication / Using book art workshops as a way to dissipate polarity in communities.


Pam Uzzell is a documentary filmmaker and podcaster currently living in Oakland, CA. At twenty-two, she began working in post-production, with credits in over twenty feature films, including Terminator 2, Godfather III, and Bram Stoker’s Dracula. She is the director and producer of three independent documentaries, Some Call It Heaven (2007), Unearthing the Dream (2012), and Welcome to the Neighborhood (2018). Unearthing the Dream, which tells the story of the Black schools in Malvern, Arkansas, before desegregation, won Best Documentary at the Arkansas Independent Black Film Festival. Pam’s latest documentary, Shelter in Displacement, (short, 2020) was selected as part of the de Young Open and is part of the COVIDeos Collection at Read more at Art Heals All Wounds Podcast.


Victor Rodgers "The ARTifacts" Release

Big shout out and congratulations to my creative "potna" Victor Rodgers aka Slangston Hughes et al. on the release of his Anthology Mixtape "The ARTifacts," which he defines as "a collaborative effort between myself and all of my artistic personalities...". It's an amazing collection of songs / poems / spoken word rich jewels, and it's FREE!

Dos-a-Dos 1.JPG

Dos-à-Dos II: A Celebration of Friendship Through Bookmaking Art / Aug. 29 - Nov. 13, 2022

Love begets love. The love of book art Jenny O'Grady and I share is a magnetic field that continuously attracts loving support for our work. Thanks to Thomas Engleman, Emma McDonnell, Steven Silberg, Alfonso Fernandez-Vazquez, Greg Staley, and the Richard B. Talkin Family Art Gallery at Howard Community College for the loving curatorial care given to every aspect of this exhibit. Special thanks to everyone who came to the show and left such loving comments and reviews. You all inspire us to vision forward. Click here to read more about the exhibit and view the exhibit catalog

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