The Monochrome View

Tell him it’s a lie.
The ashen hue for sun,
the gunmetal ground for soil,
the pewter pole for fruit-bearing tree,
the cinereous mural wall for fresh field
with its marbleized animalia—


all fallacies.

Show him how to see.
Beyond appearances,
into azura days of clarity,
Kelly green gardens of hope,
vermillion walls of a happy home,
kaleidoscope ways of being impervious to
circumstances and unnatural playgrounds—


all possibilities.

Tell him and tell him again and again,
the truth about little black boys and Monarchs,
then pray he flies.

*From “Black Butterfly” by Barry Mann & Cynthia Weil

Photo "Butterfly" by Jennifer Bishop

Following are a couple of links to the online exhibit.  Looking forward to your reply, and thanks again for accepting the late submission.

My Son and My Dear Friend Have Asked Me to Write
a Poem on the Occasion of Their Wedding Ceremony


a poem--

as if i could squeeze into words

the mountains and mountains

of hope prayers wishes angst concerns and joy

i hold around my son and dear friend becoming

wife and husband

husband and wife


a poem--

as if I could actually still my mind

long enough for something

deep pure meaningful halfway intelligent

to emerge

a poem--

and what would it do?

what in the world could it tell you

that you don’t already know

and cannot possibly see

from where you stand today?

what can it teach you

about the very simplicity of love

what it is and what it isn’t

the complexities of growing and evolving

individually and together in that love

while surfing the tsunamis of life’s upheavals

and learning how to fly?

what could it divine and conjure

that you have not already felt?

after all, isn’t that why you’re here?

a poem--

a poem perhaps

you two have already written

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