Wk. 33 & 34, Book 33: In-Progress

It dawned on my the other day that some people might appreciate seeing my process from start to finish rather than viewing and reading about the finished product. While I'm learning over the next few weeks how to take, upload, and edit videos that will serve that purpose, I'm going to share my process and progress on making a brand new accordion pop-up book.

This one began with a 4" x 16" strip of matting board that I folded into six 4" x 2.50" panels. I usually cut the pop-out pieces right away, but I was anxious to test my brand new toy--a compass circle cutter! It made such a perfectly round design statement of its own that it took me about a week to figure out the next step.

In a totally unrelated conversation, someone mentioned to me that they loved the color orange, and immediately I felt the color scheme emerge. Orange, silver, and blue. After messing around with that color pattern, I added those little rectangular bling-ons around the circle, like sun rays, ribbon, and later the photos of goddess sculpture pieces and an orange toned prehistoric drawing.

A theme is emerging here, although I'm reluctant at this point to give it voice. Let's see how this unfolds throughout the coming week. One thing's for sure: I can never rush or push the completion of these little books, but only trust the process.

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