Wk. 35, Book 33 In-Progress

I think this accordion book is done, although it turned out unusually simple.

For the front cover, I chose a photo of an illustration created by artist Karen Carvalli during one of my poetry readings, circa 1994. The goddess-like figure fits well with that visual theme throughout the book. My only issue with this cover is the background color scheme (green and pink), which conflicts with the book's predominant color scheme of orange, silver and blue. But it will suffice for now.

As for the back cover, that was an easy choice, although my feelings change from day to day about the silver and tan strip of paper across the middle of the cover.

This 4.25 x 3.80 in. folded size / 4.25 x 16 in. unfolded 10- panel accordion pop-up book took about three weeks to make. That's my typical time frame. At some point I may decide to add a few white text strips here and there on some of the panels. But for now i'm calling it done.

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