Wk. 36, Book 34: The Box Book Sculpture Challenge

Have you ever received an idea to create something but didn't have a clue as to how to make that happen? That's where I am with this week's new book-in-progress.

My apologies for the not-so-bright photo. Sometimes I make these things before I can get with my awesome photographer, Jen Allen, who will probably cringe at the sight of this pic.

Still, I want y'all to see what I'm working with here: some great wooden Cuban cigar boxes, courtesy of super artist Schroeder Cherry who surely new I'd be intrigued by the very idea of making a book out of these gifts. After a couple of weeks of pondering and head scratching and trying to figure out where to begin, I got it: make a vertical 4-part book! The issue now is what to use to glue/seal the bottom of one box onto the rim of another box while sustaining that delicate balance. Let me know if you have a solution. Meanwhile, I'm off to the art supply stores and Home Depot, too.

Let's see where this thing goes over the next week.

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