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For artists dedicated to circulating the highest frequencies and vibrations of LOVE and PEACE in our  world

         HERE’S THE MAP!

with Rev. Dr. AdaRa Walton

       $75 discount registration fee (normally $200)

Saturday, Feb. 24. 2024, 1 – 3 p.m. EST on Zoom

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You will receive payment info plus Zoom access codes & workshop materials once we receive your pre-registration email.

This workshop will encompass what the Buddhists call “the Human Revolution,” which entails ALL of us taking specific steps and using processes to promote positivity in our lives! By doing this, we exude and offer the world a far higher frequency and vibration than currently exists in the world. Ultimately, our efforts are to allow more LOVE and PEACE in our world to circulate. It starts with YOU, on a personal level, then flows out to your family, friends, community, etc.

One tool to assist everyone in their “human revolution” is the late David R. Hawkins, M.D’s Map of Consciousness (Map) which first appeared in his book, Power VS Force: An Anatomy of Consciousness published in 1995. The “Map” will be included in a thorough discussion as part of your “human revolution” and enlightenment journey!

Reverend Dr. AdaRa Walton is an ordained Reverend, Doctor of Naturopathy, Bio-Energy Kinesiologist, Medium, certified Attractor Field Technique Practitioner, certified TTT Practitioner, Reiki/Amanohuna master –Teacher, and Shaman with over 45 yrs. experience in the Energy Medicine/healing field. Read more at:


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Co-curated visual-literary exhibit with Rain Pryor
Milestone achievement for a 3rd generation
Partlow Artist--
click here for details.

2023 Passager Winter Issue:
Ancestral Trauma, #74

Christine Lincoln, Guest Editor  

Tears of Radiant Light, Cover Art

Lenett Partlow-Myrick

Featured at the 2023 Loud-N-Clear Film Fest

Ancestors in the Paint

New Art by Lenett Partlow-Myrick

1st solo show for this series at Hamilton Gallery
September 2023
ARThenticity Aug. 2023 E-Flier.jpg
Victor Rodgers' ARTifacts Release


Lenett and Jenny_Art Heals Logo Final Square.png

The Power of Everyday Artists and Makers of Things

Click here to listen to the

Podcast hosted by Pam Uzzell 

Dos-à-Dos II: A Celebration of Friendship Through Bookmaking Art

Aug. 29 - Nov. 13, 2022

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